40th anniversary


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Intrepid Museum

To commemorate this milestone, we will highlight its history and remarkable 40-year journey from its founding in 1982 to becoming part of the fabric of New York City and a world-class cultural institution. We invite you to join our year-long celebration as we reflect on key moments from our past and present, and take an exciting look at our future.


This year’s calendar is packed with a slate of events, new exhibitions and special in-person and virtual events that you won’t want to miss!



The Intrepid Museum, a private non-profit educational institution, was founded by New York real estate icon and philanthropist Zachary Fisher and his wife Elizabeth, who saved the storied aircraft carrier Intrepid from the scrapyard and led the effort that brought it to its current home at Pier 86 on Manhattan’s west side. Zachary and Elizabeth both believed strongly in our nation’s responsibility to honor the men and women who served in the armed forces and their families, while educating children and the general public about history and innovations. Their nephew, Ken Fisher, currently serves as a Museum co-chair and works diligently to carry on its mission....

The Museum opened to the public on August 2, 1982. Today, 40 years later, Intrepid, now a National Historic Landmark, serves as the centerpiece of an entire Museum complex that includes Growler, the only American diesel-powered guided missile submarine open to the public, and the space shuttle Enterprise, NASA’s original prototype orbiter. The Museum’s renowned collection also features 28 historic aircraft, such as including a Lockheed A-12, the world’s fastest military jet and spy plane; a British Airways Concorde, the fastest commercial aircraft to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean; a WWII-era Grumman Avenger torpedo bomber; and a soon-to-be unveiled Douglas F4D Skyray that flew off of Intrepid.  



" The Intrepid Museum, in its 40 years, has evolved into one of the world’s more unique and beloved cultural institutions. As we reflect on our four decades and look ahead to the future, we are incredibly proud of our Museum and the role it plays in elevating extraordinary stories of heroism, bravery, significant accomplishments and overcoming adversity, to educate and inspire today, tomorrow and always. "
— Susan Marenoff-Zausner, Museum president.


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