Space and Science Festival, September 20-23, #spacescifest

While the Museum is closed, the Education team remains committed to bringing our audiences engaging learning experiences though online learning resources and programs.

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Private Online School Programs now available

Museum educators will tailor the program to the schedule requirements of individual classes as needed during school closures. Private classes allow for flexibility in date and time choice for teachers scheduling virtual learning options for students studying at home. Please complete the Education Program Request Form and a member of our Group Sales team will assist your reservation. $75 fee applies.

Online Family Programs

Join an Intrepid Museum Educator each week as we explore history, science, and ingenuity online together. Online Family Programs are family-friendly and engage all ages.

Star Stories (Ages 8–18) | Thursday, August 6, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (ET)
For millennia, people have gazed at the night sky and told themselves stories about the pictures they see there. These same stars and constellations also allowed sailors to find their way back to port. Using images of the night sky, stories from different cultures and examples of simple navigation tools, an Intrepid Educator will help participants view their sky in a whole new way. Register here.

Life Aboard (Ages 5–18) | Tuesday, August 11, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (ET)
Students will articulate the purpose of an aircraft carrier and identify at least three crew member jobs held during Intrepid's time of service. They will be taught the many ways in which life aboard Intrepid differed from life on land, and some of the adjustments sailors made to improve life aboard. Register here.

Codebreakers! (Ages 8–18) | Thursday, August 13, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (ET)
Students will learn about Naval communication by examining artifacts from Intrepid in its time of service. Testing their wits, students will have the opportunity to take a stab at decoding, and will learn to construct their own coded messages! Register here.

Journey to Space! (Ages 5–18) | Tuesday, August 18, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (ET)
Students will get a tour of the Space Shuttle Pavilion, home of the space shuttle Enterprise. An educator will discuss the Mercury-Atlas 7 and Gemini III missions that occurred during the Space Race, including Intrepid's role as the primary recovery vessel for both NASA missions. Students will learn about the vacuum of space and why astronauts need spacecraft and spacesuits when they venture into Earth’s orbit and beyond. Register here.

Lunar Landers(Ages 8–18) | Thursday, August 20, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (ET)
What might be difficult about landing on the moon? Explore Intrepid’s connection to the Space Race and analyze the result of the engineering design process that made landing on the moon possible.
Materials: Disposable cup, recyclable materials, tape, scissors, two coins or other small objects. Register here.

High Flying Design (Ages 8–18) | Tuesday, August 25, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (ET)
Students will discuss the parts of a plane and how nature influences shape and design. Educators will demonstrate the four forces of flight, and students will experiment with these concepts before creating their own simple flying machines. Fundamental concepts such as the four forces of flight, Bernoulli's principle and aerodynamics will be discussed. Register here.

Flying in Style! (Ages 5–15) | Thursday, August 27, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (ET)
There’s more to aircraft than wings and engines. Get up close to the aircraft in our collection to learn how symbols and paint schemes set each airplane apart. Then head back to the classroom to create a family squadron insignia and decorate an airplane. Register here.

Stay tuned as we update our selection of virtual learning opportunities!

Technical Details

Programs are delivered via Zoom. Once you register for the program, you will receive detailed instructions on how to join the program via computer or phone. You must register no later than two business days in advance to receive program instructions and materials when applicable.

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