Full Schedule of Events
Join us all week long for live animal shows, pop-up planetarium shows, maker spaces, live performances and so much more! Children of all ages and interests will learn more about STEAM through activities and demonstrations designed to educate and inspire. FREE WITH ADMISSION

Saturday, February 22

10:00am – 5:00pm: All Day Activities by: Dazzling Discoveries, American Society of Civil Engineers, Jupiter Joe's Sidewalk Astronomy, CUNYSAT-1 Lab, Math Matters to Me, Cornell University Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development, NASA Goddard, NASA Johnson Space Center, Curious On Hudson, ROBOFUN, Columbia Space Initiative The Museum of Interesting Things, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Con Edison, Kerbal Space Academy

11:00am: Presentation by NASA flight director Allison Bolinger

11:00am-4:00pm (every half hour): Pop-Up Planetarium Show led by Museum Educators

11:30am & 3:30pm: Workshop: Rube Goldberg speed building challenge

12:00pm: Presentation by NASA Astronaut Ricky Arnold(Museum members early access)

1:00pm: Intrepid Education Demonstration

1:00pm: Intrepid Education Demonstration

1:30pm: Workshop with NASA flight director Allison Bolinger: Build your own space station.    

1:30pm: Workshop with NASA flight director Allison Bolinger: Build your own space station.

2:00pm & 4:00pm Presentation by Mad Science

2:30pm: Workshop by CUNYSAT-1 Lab: Rocket Modeling and Building

3:00pm: Presentation by NASA Astronaut and NASA Flight Director Allison Bolinger: Spacewalks: A Team Sport

Learn about life in space from a NASA astronaut, All ages. Richard R. Arnold: Learn about life in space from a NASA astronaut, All ages. Richard R. Arnold II

Presentation by NASA flight director Allison Bolinger: From Swimming Pools to Vacuum Chambers: How We Teach Astronauts to Spacewalk. Learn how Allison prepares astronauts on Earth to perform spacewalks
aboard the International Space Station, including demonstrations of spacesuit components and tools and details on the many facilities used for training. Ages 7-12.


Participating Organizations

 The Intrepid Museum provides specialized programs and resources to support and enhance the experience of all visitors, including those with disabilities, their families and peers. Please see our Accessibility Resources ahead of your visit or stop by the Information Desk for more information about free on-site resources, including lightweight stools and sensory bags with noise-reduction headphones and fidget toys. A social narrative to help you prepare for your visit during Kids Week can be found here.

The majority of the Intrepid Museum, including all areas with Kids Week activities, is wheelchair accessible. Both the Lutnick Theater and the Hangar 3 stage feature a telecoil-compatible induction loop. American Sign Language interpretation will be offered for select presentations on Tuesday, February 18, and Friday, February 21. Further accommodations such as specialized seating, additional ASL interpretation or large print can be made with advance notice (one week preferred).

To request accessibility accommodations, email access@intrepidmuseum.org or call 646-381-5158.