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Intrepid has served our nation for more than 75 years, playing crucial roles in World War II, the Cold War, Vietnam War and the Space Race. Now as the centerpiece of a world class museum – the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum – it continues to serve with a new mission: to promote the awareness and understanding of history, science and service through its collections, exhibitions and programming, in order to honor our heroes, educate the public, and inspire our youth.

While we are temporarily closed and in these difficult times it remains as important as ever to stay connected and continue to fulfill our mission. Below are some of the ways you can stay engaged with us digitally through a variety of compelling content from oral histories and virtual tours to resources that serve educators, parents and students. 

Access to all of our online programs and digital content is free.  Now more than ever we could use your help during this challenging time. Your support is critical to our present and future.



Upcoming Virtual Tours and Talks

African Americans in the Navy (Ages 10-18)
Tuesday, January 19, 3:00-4:00pm
In honor of MLK day, please join us as we honor African American men and women who proudly served in the United States Navy! Register Here.

Jobs on Deck (Ages 5–15)
Thursday, January 21, 3:00pm–4:00pm   
With 3,200 sailors aboard Intrepid, it’s no wonder it was called a “City at Sea!” Living on a ship proved to be both challenging and exciting.  Learn more about what it was like to live aboard Intrepid during this immersive experience! Students will articulate the purpose of an aircraft carrier and identify at least three crew member jobs held during Intrepid's time of service. They will be taught the many ways in which life aboard Intrepid differed from life on land, and some of the adjustments sailors made to improve life aboard. Register Here.

Lunar Landers (Ages 8–18)
Tuesday, January 26, 3:00pm–4:00pm
What might be difficult about landing on the Moon? Explore Intrepid’s connection to the Space Race and analyze the result of the engineering design process that made landing on the Moon possible. Lunar Landers Activity Materials: Disposable cup, recyclable materials, tape, scissors, two coins or other small objects. Register Here.

Journey to Space (Ages 5–15)
Thursday, January 28, 3:00pm–4:00pm
Students will get a tour of the Space Shuttle Pavilion, home of the space shuttle Enterprise. A Museum Educator will discuss the Mercury-Atlas 7 and Gemini III missions that occurred during the Space Race, including Intrepid's role as the primary recovery vessel for both NASA missions. Students will learn about the vacuum of space and why astronauts need spacecraft and spacesuits when they venture into Earth’s orbit and beyond. Register Here.

Codebreakers! (Ages 5-15)
Tuesday, February 2, 3:00pm-4:00pm
Students will learn about Naval communication by examining artifacts from Intrepid’s in its time of service. Testing their wits, students will have the opportunity to take a stab at decoding, and will learn to construct their own coded messages! Register Here.

Space Pudding (Ages 8-18)
Thursday, February 4, 3:00pm-4:00pm
What do astronauts eat in space?  Explore Intrepid’s connection to the Space Race and follow a recipe with an instructor to create your very own “space pudding,” Space Pudding Activity Materials: Sandwich bag, instant pudding mix, dehydrated milk, one tablespoon measuring spoon. Register Here.

Flying in Style (Ages 5-15)
Tuesday, February 9, 3:00pm-4:00pm
There’s more to aircraft than wings and engines. Get up close to the aircraft in our collection to learn how symbols and paint schemes set each airplane apart. Then, create a family squadron insignia or create a paper airplane and decorate it! Register Here.

Google Arts & Culture


Thanks to a partnership with Google Arts & Culture, you can access many of the Museum’s historical spaces, artifacts and archives for free. Virtually explore the Museum’s most intriguing spaces, including the aircraft carrier Intrepid, submarine Growler, the Concorde and the Shuttle Pavilion. Click here to virtually visit the Museum!

Intrepid's YouTube Channel

Search and explore over 300 engaging videos featuring aircraft highlights, Women in History, behind-the-scenes features, collection showcases and much more. Watch our channel now.

Oral History Project

View and listen to stories of those who served on board the historic aircraft carrier Intrepid from 1943 to 1974. This collection also includes oral histories from people associated with the submarine Growler, the space shuttle orbiter Enterprise and the supersonic airliner Concorde. Learn more.

Teacher and Homeschool Resources

Learn about the Museum’s many digital educational resources for K-12 and homeschool students, including virtual field trips and online school programs led by our Education team. Learn more.

Intrepid Animated

In celebration of Intrepid's 75th commissioning anniversary in 2018, the Museum worked with animator Dustin Grella of Dusty Studio to present the stories of four oral history narrators in a new format through a project called Intrepid Animated. Learn more.

Intrepid's Collections

Explore the Museum’s collection of items related to the service history of its vessels and aircraft. This searchable database provides access to archival aids, transcripts of oral history projects, and other interesting items. Learn more.


Intrepid has undergone an incredible journey, from its service to the U.S. Navy and NASA, Intrepid's Journeyto an escape from the scrapyard, to its permanent home on the Hudson, where it continues to inspire over a million annual visitors. Learn about the life of this famed former aircraft carrier and how it was transformed into the Museum and National Historic Landmark we know today. Learn more.